Social Proof Media Podcast (e3): The Self Published Millionaire

by nik March 29, 2019

The Self Published Millionaire

In this episode host Nik Maguire (author of the bestselling book ‘Beyond PPC)’ interviews Joseph Alexander The Self Published Millionaire who in just a few years came to dominate his niche on Amazon.

Joseph discusses the strategies and techniques to win on Amazon as well as how to author and publish your own best selling book on Amazon, from www.self-published.co.uk and https://www.fundamental-changes.com/

This episode is packed with practical insights and techniques on how to take your idea for a book and turn it into a business card, a lead magnet and a passive income that could turn you into a self-published millionaire.

Discussion points:

  • Amazon Selling
  • Self Publishing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Instagram buy now
  • Video product ads
  • New Amazon selling solutions

Nik Maguire founded social proof media a leading digital agency focused entirely on growing businesses and leads through digital marketing and sales funnels! You can download a FREE chapter of Beyond PPC here

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