Social Proof Media Episode 1 – Introduction to social media selling and review of 2018

Sales and marketing have never been more linked than they are today! To win, you have to be great at building your brand, finding your tribe and selling more stuff! – you also have to be better and faster than your competition.

This podcast will help you to do that! to grow your business with the latest digital marketing and sales funnel strategies for lead generation, sales conversions and online fame. Listening to these podcasts will provide you with real-world solutions for getting ahead in online sales and marketing.

With guest interviews from successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and experts. ‘Social Proof Media’ the podcast, will provide you with powerful tools, techniques and industry secrets, so you will be a master of growing your business online.

With host Nik Maguire a sales and marketing veteran, author and speaker. This podcast aims to be your one-stop shop for getting ahead online and staying one step ahead of your competition.

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