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Impossible Manchester


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£3.5m venue launch using Social Proof Media to develop the brand's voice and tone and produce digital content.

The brief for a new £3.5m multi-level bar and club in Manchester included a digital teaser campaign to bypass traditional PR and marketing which would generate a buzz across the city, targeting 25-45-year-old affluent commuters and residents.

To build a voice for the brand; launch social media channels with content;  drive footfall to the venue (which is located in a highly competitive hot spot in the city) and work with the management team and directors to consult on marketing, PR and venue and drinks concepts.

The results were incredibly impressive from a successful online video campaign for limited budget, footfall to the bar, citywide recognition of the brand and significant group bookings.

This teaser video celebrating the impossible nature of the Mancunian spirit was the backbone of a gorilla digital campaign on the run-up to the bar’s opening.  Viewed over 270,000 times it established the word “impossible” as being synonymous with one of the bar’s core themes of overcoming the impossible.

We developed the script and shot the video using a well known Manchester personality and the video received great feedback from across the region with a tone and delivery which resonated with local viewers.

The Dark Duke of Deansgate.

This video was used as part of the Impossible teaser campaign featuring their new gin nest, a luxury bar on the top floor of Impossible. Viewed 50,000 times locally it assisted in creating a buzz around the bar and was used in an online competition to grow Facebook followers.

The Dark Duke is one of the many fictional characters we created back stories for from Manchester’s impossible history.  The story, animation, voice over and visuals for the video were all done in-house.

Lady Rhoden low cost paid social with incredible results.

As part of the creative brief, we designed names and backstories for certain drinks and meals in the venue all which would have an impossible element to them.  This animation was for their most expensive cocktail, a frozen gin drink.

Our creative team imagined the poem, animated the video and came up with the drink name “Lady Rhodens Fella Repella”.  We ran a paid social campaign around this video, on an advertising budget of only $150.  Using our 10x formula we achieved video views at just $0.004 per view!  The video was watched over 45,000 times and had people going to the venue specifically for “Lady Rhoden’s fella repella!” This proved to be a fantastic return on investment for impossible and their flagship cocktail.

Video Flyer

Example of an animated flyer which is proven to gain high engagement on mobile social media feeds.

Event Marketing

Boogie in Wonderland campaign uses video to link with Facebook events to increase pre-bookings.

Food Porn Marketing

Example of “food porn” video, Sexy Sunday Dinner used to drive weekend footfall.


Paid Social Teaser and Launch campaigns
716,813 people reached (locally)
397,696 people taking action on content
2,033,624 impressions in feeds (locally)
10,000+ page likes
4.8 / 5 star Facebook rating

Working as a consultant to the management team our advice was used in:

  • Menu & drink naming.
  • Launch strategies.
  • Local influencer targeting.
  • Reputation management.
  • Technical considerations for multiple social media accounts, brands and ad accounts.

Resulting in a great reputation for the venue both on and offline.

Corporate and group bookings

Using Mad About Manchester and our connections we secured: Major Manchester band party (x2) with minimum £12,000 spend.  Aftershow party for a black tie awards ceremony (400 people), multiple corporate bookings from lawyers, accountants and professional services.

Examples of our in-house photography to create “food porn” images for impossible Instagram and Facebook posts.

Case Studies

Impossible Manchester

£3.5m venue launch using Social Proof Media to develop the brand's voice and tone and produce digital content.

Odeon Cinemas

Regional influencer marketing for Manchester cinema and creation of UK wide internal training videos for Odeon staff.

European Shuffleboard

Europe's leading provider of Shuffleboard wanted to launch their brand and product in UK market on a limited budget.

Hotel & Tourism

Hotel and tourism content creation with specific lead generation for room bookings and F&B sales.

Croatia Life

Video marketing showcasing luxury property and lifestyle that will also be used for property investment.


Generating delegate bookings for boot camps in Europe, US and Asia through social media advertising and lead funnels.

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