Is Scheduling Your Social Media Scary?


It doesn’t have to be terrifying! If Halloween didn’t make it into your content calendar this year, we’re here to show you how it can help inspire your content creation. 


As Halloween season arrives Internet Retailer estimates more than $3.5 billion in online sales over the Halloween period. 


Kicking off the ‘holiday sales season’ where consumer spend skyrockets from Halloween all the way to January.


Using these dates as the corner-stones of your content calendar can make sure you are producing fresh and relevant content that will give you goosebumps….

Holiday sales are a goldmine for the opportunistic digital marketeer. It allows businesses to schedule campaigns to predictably high traffic dates from October through to January. 


Not only this, by using hashtags and keywords such as #blackfriday #cybermonday and #thanksgiving you can direct content towards consumers who are already looking to spend.

You need to be prepared to compete. In 2018, CocaCola spent a whopping $5.8 billion on global advertising during christmas alone, dwarfing it’s next rival PepsiCo by nearly $2 billion in spending. 


But we don’t all have frightful amount of cash to splash on Ads throughout the calendar so it is worth investing the time to create a series of innovative campaigns to schedule throughout the year.


Using significant calendar events, like Halloween, to inspire your social media content allows you to market with the moment.


When it comes to creating content, it’s easy to feel as if you’re in the dark. But using calendar events as your bench mark can allow you to approach your marketing from a new angle.

Here’s a frightfully great example from Lea Pica (The slide whisperer) using Halloween to promote her latest webinar on how to present data without turning your audience into Zombies. Register Here


Snickers managed to make themselves relevant with their ‘Halloween lady’ Ad. The Ad received a spooktacular 2 Million views on YouTube off the back of this scary lady.

The benefit of creating content in-keeping with calendar events, is it allows you to predict the mood of audiences and tailor it to be emotionally relevant to them and as a result more engaging.

Eye-catching stock images are a positive way to get professional looking posts on your platforms. Don’t let smaller budgets spook you, sites such as UnSplash are great resources for free stock photography to enhance your social media and find images to tailor content to all occasions.  


So rather than hiding away, stop ghosting your social media and tackle the content calendar head on.


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Use events such as Halloween to get organised and inspire relevant, engaging social media content and give them pumpkin to talk about.