Grab the tissues, 2019’s John Lewis Christmas advert has hit the screens. Love them or love to hate them- the waitrose partners never fail to stir up the nation with their £7 Million festive Ad. 

Fellow stores such as Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers and Aldi, are also known to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to bring the warm and fuzzies to sofas across the country. 

But it’s not just the big guys who should be getting in on the holiday action, no no, we’re going to explain how you too can get your slice of the John Lewis affect. 

UK consumers spend about £30 billion in the so-called “golden quarter” leading up to Christmas, and competition to attract their attention is fierce so it is essential as a business to cut through the noise and regain their attention.

The success behind most Ads is emotion, and we don’t mean you have to get them all sobbing.

 You just have to make it relevant to them in the moment so they feel an emotional pull to it… Luckily for you we’re talking Christmas, so everyone one is a little more emotional.

So create some humour, some sentiment or a moral message surrounding Christmas and people will have a personal connection with your Ad and as a result, with your business.

BUT, there’s still work to do. 

Yes, there is skill behind a Christmas Ad but this can totally be done small scale. There are tones of videographers with creative input that can help you create a relevant and engaging piece of content full of festive cheer.

Not only this, there are thousands of stock video sites that allow you to buy professional quality video at an affordable price (from just £5), once purchased this can combined with other elements such as audio and animation to create a pretty swanky Ad.

Sites such as 'FILMSUPPLY' host loads of professional stock footage.

Finally if you want something more personal, why not pick up the camera? 

As a homage to the traditional business greeting card, video messages can be an innovative way to get your face in front of your customers… 

Smile, Wish them a merry christmas from you and your team. 

It’s a fantastic way to get people invested in YOU!

But you’ve got to get it out there right? And so you might not have the budget to broadcast it to the nation but you can hit your target market online!

By launching your campaign as a Facebook/ Instagram Ad in the lead up to Christmas, you can create focused audiences’ to push your content out too.

With Facebook audience tools it allows you to filter your audience and target your Ads. Facebook gives options such as location, interests, age so you can reach your demographic directly.

Whether it be ‘elderly snowboarders in Scotland’, ‘alpaca owners in Warwick’ or ‘professional chess players in Dudley’ you can reach the people who matter. 

So by creating great content that evokes emotion and pushing it to the right audiences using Facebook Audience Tools you can run your very own John Lewis inspired Christmas campaign for less than a 10,000th of the price. 

So go, Catch ‘em right in the feels and watch your Christmas sales soar.

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