Grab the tissues, 2019’s John Lewis Christmas advert has hit the screens. Love them or love to hate them- the waitrose partners never fail to stir up the nation with their £7 Million festive Ad. 

Fellow stores such as Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers and Aldi, are also known to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to bring the warm and fuzzies to sofas across the country. 

But it’s not just the big guys who should be getting in on the holiday action, no no, we’re going to explain how you too can get your slice of the John Lewis affect. 

UK consumers spend about £30 billion in the so-called “golden quarter” leading up to Christmas, and competition to attract their attention is fierce so it is essential as a business to cut through the noise and regain their attention.

The success behind most Ads is emotion, and we don’t mean you have to get them all sobbing.

 You just have to make it relevant to them in the moment so they feel an emotional pull to it… Luckily for you we’re talking Christmas, so everyone one is a little more emotional.

So create some humour, some sentiment or a moral message surrounding Christmas and people will have a personal connection with your Ad and as a result, with your business.

BUT, there’s still work to do. 

Yes, there is skill behind a Christmas Ad but this can totally be done small scale. There are tones of videographers with creative input that can help you create a relevant and engaging piece of content full of festive cheer.

Not only this, there are thousands of stock video sites that allow you to buy professional quality video at an affordable price (from just £5), once purchased this can combined with other elements such as audio and animation to create a pretty swanky Ad.

Sites such as 'FILMSUPPLY' host loads of professional stock footage.

Finally if you want something more personal, why not pick up the camera? 

As a homage to the traditional business greeting card, video messages can be an innovative way to get your face in front of your customers… 

Smile, Wish them a merry christmas from you and your team. 

It’s a fantastic way to get people invested in YOU!

But you’ve got to get it out there right? And so you might not have the budget to broadcast it to the nation but you can hit your target market online!

By launching your campaign as a Facebook/ Instagram Ad in the lead up to Christmas, you can create focused audiences’ to push your content out too.

With Facebook audience tools it allows you to filter your audience and target your Ads. Facebook gives options such as location, interests, age so you can reach your demographic directly.

Whether it be ‘elderly snowboarders in Scotland’, ‘alpaca owners in Warwick’ or ‘professional chess players in Dudley’ you can reach the people who matter. 

So by creating great content that evokes emotion and pushing it to the right audiences using Facebook Audience Tools you can run your very own John Lewis inspired Christmas campaign for less than a 10,000th of the price. 

So go, Catch ‘em right in the feels and watch your Christmas sales soar.

Is Scheduling your Social Media Content Scary?

Is Scheduling Your Social Media Scary?


It doesn’t have to be terrifying! If Halloween didn’t make it into your content calendar this year, we’re here to show you how it can help inspire your content creation. 


As Halloween season arrives Internet Retailer estimates more than $3.5 billion in online sales over the Halloween period. 


Kicking off the ‘holiday sales season’ where consumer spend skyrockets from Halloween all the way to January.


Using these dates as the corner-stones of your content calendar can make sure you are producing fresh and relevant content that will give you goosebumps….

Holiday sales are a goldmine for the opportunistic digital marketeer. It allows businesses to schedule campaigns to predictably high traffic dates from October through to January. 


Not only this, by using hashtags and keywords such as #blackfriday #cybermonday and #thanksgiving you can direct content towards consumers who are already looking to spend.

You need to be prepared to compete. In 2018, CocaCola spent a whopping $5.8 billion on global advertising during christmas alone, dwarfing it’s next rival PepsiCo by nearly $2 billion in spending. 


But we don’t all have frightful amount of cash to splash on Ads throughout the calendar so it is worth investing the time to create a series of innovative campaigns to schedule throughout the year.


Using significant calendar events, like Halloween, to inspire your social media content allows you to market with the moment.


When it comes to creating content, it’s easy to feel as if you’re in the dark. But using calendar events as your bench mark can allow you to approach your marketing from a new angle.

Here’s a frightfully great example from Lea Pica (The slide whisperer) using Halloween to promote her latest webinar on how to present data without turning your audience into Zombies. Register Here


Snickers managed to make themselves relevant with their ‘Halloween lady’ Ad. The Ad received a spooktacular 2 Million views on YouTube off the back of this scary lady.

The benefit of creating content in-keeping with calendar events, is it allows you to predict the mood of audiences and tailor it to be emotionally relevant to them and as a result more engaging.

Eye-catching stock images are a positive way to get professional looking posts on your platforms. Don’t let smaller budgets spook you, sites such as UnSplash are great resources for free stock photography to enhance your social media and find images to tailor content to all occasions.  


So rather than hiding away, stop ghosting your social media and tackle the content calendar head on.


Download your FREE content calendar here

Use events such as Halloween to get organised and inspire relevant, engaging social media content and give them pumpkin to talk about.


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Nik Maguire born and bred Sandgrounder returns to Southport as a No1 best-selling author, beholding years of insight from big city marketing sector he is ready to grow local businesses using the tricks of the trade.


Nik Maguire has relocated his business ‘Social Proof Media’ to Southport following a successful decade on the Manchester scene where he gained notoriety as an influencer called Mr Deansgate appearing on multiple TV shows including Take Me Out (twice).


The best selling author, influencer and entrepreneur is ready to ‘go local’ and help grow the economy of his home-town. Earlier this year his first book “Beyond PPC” went to number one in three countries and became an Amazon bestseller. After working for several big agencies and being instrumental in multiple national marketing campaigns, for companies such as O2, Right Move and Pizza Express he has gained many insights on how to successfully market businesses and yourself online. 


Nik greets fellow business within The Shakespeare Centre with cakes

Based in The Shakespeare Centre, Nik and his team took to the streets armed with QR coded cupcakes to meet his new neighbours and demonstrate his innovative approach to marketing. Local companies were able to scan their cupcakes QR code which opened up a Facebook Chatbot on their phones, a form or virtual assistant. Nik states;


“In combining old and new forms of marketing you can create 

something that is fresh, eye-catching and delicious!”


QR scanning cupcakes supplied by @kyliescakeshop

But Social Proof Media are not only giving away cake, they are offering businesses in the area a FREE 40 MINUTE consultation with Nik himself. He plans to meet with locals and discuss ways in which he can maximise their sales through digital marketing. 


“These consultations are about encouraging local 

businesses to think about social media differently” Nik believes “Many business owners view social media as a dysfunctional teenager: hard to relate too; fickle and demanding to much attention, where as Social Media should be viewed more as a board of directors, ready to advise, grow and scale your business.“

Nik and the team also want to encourage local content creation and have built a dedicated studio for clients and creators to record podcasts, videos as well as photography. So whether you are super savvy or out of the loop, Social Proof Media are worth checking out, even if it’s just for the free cake! 

Interested? To enquire of claim your FREE CONSULTATION:

Call: 01704 808300


Drop in to: Unit 11A, The Shakespeare Centre, PR8 5AB



Size matters according to landmark study from Linkedin unlocking the DNA of a perfect post!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]This landmark study from Linkedin seeks to discover the secrets of successful content marketing and they have discovered the optimum length for a post.

Collecting data from over 400,000 posts Linkedin and Buzzsumo have studied and analysed the 40,000 most shared posts to distil what makes good content.

Some of the conclusions may be of no surprise to the experienced marketer. For example that the title of a post matters and vertical market specific content is critical for both backlinks (SEO) and sharing (relevant engagement). However, the most significant finding is that the length of a long-form article is crucial when it comes to sharing and back-linking.

Of the 80,000 most shared posts from the Marketing and Technology sectors, 80% have fewer than 1,000 words. That’s right you heard it, longer form content over 2,000 words is more shareable than short snippets.

“There is no denying that longer form content is an indispensable part of content marketing strategies. If the objective is to build authority and set the agenda around a particular subject, then marketers need to find a role for it in their editorial calendar.

The full report also provides of the most effective three-word phrases for SEO and the five key elements of a content formula.

To download the full report click here[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”2383″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” css_animation=”fadeIn”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Innovator Of The Year: Aaron Mellor (Tokyo Industries)

Aaron Mellor CEO of Tokyo Industries the group behind Impossible was awarded the prestigious Innovator of the Year award at the inaugural Restaurant Marketer & Innovator Awards, staged by Propel and Think Hospitality. More than 90 entries were judged by a panel of 16 industry and agency leaders, with the winners recognised for their success in marketing and innovation.

Social Proof Media was delighted to work with Impossible through it pre-launch and throughout 2017 providing consultancy, innovative social media marketing, local PR and private event and guestlist management.



Impossible Christmas ?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”″][vc_column_text]Impossible Manchester is a £3.5m venue in the heart of the city.  Social Proof media were tasked with creating a Christmas campaign on Facebook which would increase bookings over their

Part of the messenger script to capture and qualify enquiries

Christmas period.


To stand out from the crowd, Social Proof created an animation using a character called P.A. Paul, a decision maker who dreams of the perfect party when tasked by his “big bad boss” to organise their party but he ends up organising a standard office party instead and fails by not booking the party at impossible.

For the first time in the Manchester hospitality sector, Social Proof Media used Facebook Messanger ads. to capture data on Facebook and to deliver the Xmas menu via DM rather than a separate email.

Using Facebook ads. and keyword triggers,  Socal Proof was able to talk to those enquiring as if they were talking to the venue directly using messenger, qualifying the size of the party and asking other questions automatically using messenger scripts.  This not only increased the relevance and cost-effectiveness of the ad. but also built prospect lists for future marketing within Facebook messenger.

We decided upon writing a poem as the script for the animation, ensuring the animation could be cut to under 1 minute for Instagram marketing.  Text was added and formats were changed to support mobile users.  A Facebook Ads campaign was created with split testing and different placements to ensure maximum return on advertising spend.


“Organise the Christmas party”

Said Big Bad Boss to P.A. Paul

“A fun incredible, all night ball!”

P.A. Paul just nodded his head.

Then got stuck in traffic as he went home to bed.


Flying high above the Manchester sky,

A marvellous place caught P.A. Paul’s eye.

A magnificent mecca of music and bubbles.

could this be the place to solve party troubles?


Cocktails food and beautiful folk.

Stilt walkers, gin nest, places to smoke,

an impossible theatre where acts of the night.

bring dark fantasies on stage to delight.


a venue so good, that the walls come alive.

and all people there, have the time of their lives.

P.A. Paul hadn’t felt this great.

since he matched on tinder and had a great date.


He jumped out of bed, but was this a dream?

so impossibly good… it just, must have been!

So instead of booking the party there.

he bought ice cream and paper hats to wear.


Don’t be like PA Paul and organise a boring Christmas party this year, book your party at impossible