Starting a new business over 50? Here’s how to get your business seen

Did you know that more and more people over the age of 50 are starting their own businesses? In fact, The BBC on 29th July 2019 has reported that 2,250,000 million people aged over 50 are now registered as self-employed in the UK — half the self-employed workforce. According to Rest Less, a company dedicated to getting over 50’s back into work, the number of self-employed over 60s increased by 64 per cent — from 579,000 in 2009 to 949,000 in 2019.

The number of self-employed 50+-year-olds has risen for a number of reasons according to Work Place Insight. These include people in this age group feeling ignored at work, the need for flexibility due to caring for elderly relatives and being made redundant to be replaced by a younger colleague.

Does this sound like you but don’t know where to start in setting up your own business?

But starting a new business is a daunting and challenging task for anyone!

Picture this, you’ve spent months setting up your business, setting up finances, managing logistics… and then suddenly you realise, in your 9–5 you didn’t have to market your product… That was someone else’s job. And even the most social media savvy 50 year old will struggle with digital marketing if they haven’t had to delve into that world before … anyone would!

So how will anyone ever hear about your product or service? Is all this effort you spent perfecting your course going to be a waste of time? The good news is, digital marketing doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. We want to make your transition from a 9–5 job to a fully-fledged company owner as easy as possible. The process should be broken down into three main steps.

Build your profile

So, you’ve got your product or services ready. The first thing to do is to build your own social profile. Now, I know what you’re going to say — ‘ why do I need to build my own profile, why can’t my product talk for itself? I want to concentrate on marketing that, not myself’.

Whilst this is true, it’s not how the modern age of marketing works. Your prospective students want to be able to Google their service provider and have confidence that you know what you’re talking about before they part with any cash. This doesn’t mean that you have to become the next superstar influencer (though that will help) but being known online will help your credibility and, in turn, sales.

Start with creating social media around your product, ensure they all have the same handle and the same theme. Ensure your website is professional and easy to digest.

One important aspect of your website “social proof” is case studies and testimonials. Now, here’s an issue, if your company is brand new, how are you going to get testimonials?

Why not give a select few a free trial of your services, with the agreement being that they will provide you with a testimonial?

Another idea is to ask people who have used your services, prior to setting up your own company to provide you with a testimonial concerning your knowledge and expertise. Testimonials don’t have to be just about the course, posting testimonials about yourself is a great way of building yourself as an authority figure for potential students.

Ensure that you do your research. In this day and age, there is a Facebook group related to pretty much everything. Is your product teaching DIY enthusiasts how to put up shelves? Join a DIY Facebook group, see what questions are being asked and write  content or blog posts based on these questions, make yourself known and useful, so that when the time comes, you’ll have a ready-made audience to market your course to.

Research influencers in your niche and reach out to them to promote you and your company. Ensure that it is a multi-beneficial relationship — meaning that they benefit from the collaboration just as much as you do. Appearing on an influencer’s podcast or blog can open the door to thousands of potential leads, all within your target market.

One of the most important aspects of your digital marketing campaign is to ensure that your social media sites are kept up to date with informative and interesting content. Push out content in various forms and see what people respond to. Once you understand what is drawing your audience’s response, you can focus on producing more content in that format.

Build your products

In order to build your authority around a subject, it’s a good idea to create free resources for potential leads to download and learn from. Free e-books, help guides, educational papers, recipe books and blog posts are all great to produce so that when a potential lead Google’s your name, products surrounding your (and their) area of interest will appear. The better the free resource, the more confidence the potential lead will have in your ability and expertise. Not to mention, free downloadable resources are great lead magnets, but more on that later.

Build your ecosystem

So, you’ve begun to build your profile, you have your free downloadable resources to hand … What next? How do you lead people to your website? The answer? Sales funnels!

Remember your free content that can be used as lead magnets we discussed earlier? Now it’s their time to shine! Utilise your lead magnets by creating social media ads (Facebook or LinkedIn, whichever suits your target market the most) for your lead magnet which links to your website when clicked. Create a form using Active Campaign which requires the lead to enter their email address to download the resource, before you know it, you have a ready-made email list who you know are interested in your content!

Create an email sequence detailing your origin story and the benefits of your product or service to this email list, you could even include a one-time special offer to create a sense of urgency to purchase whilst discounted. Before you know it’s the sales will come flooding through your door. Especially if you create a product launch plan.

So, there you have it. If you’re over 50 and getting tired of the way your company is treating you, want more flexibility in your life, or just fancy a new venture,  setting up your own business could be the answer you’re searching for.

Author Nik Maguire launches new book ‘Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking digital marketing strategies for lead generation when pay per click fails’ at a VIP launch party in Manchester UK.

Author Nik Maguire launches new book ‘Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking digital marketing strategies for lead generation when pay per click fails’ at a VIP launch party in Manchester UK.

The multimillion-pound super-venue in the heart of Manchester was the setting for the launch of digital marketing veteran Nik Maguire’s book launch.

Nik Maguire Author Beyond PPC & CEO Social Proof Media at his VIP Book Launch

Surrounded by a hand-selected VIP guest list, ranging from CEO’s and business leaders in Leisure & Hospitality, Publishing and PR to prominant individuals in fashion, finance, arts, and business.

The event was organised by celebrity publicist Laura Graham of vital management who has been responsible for managing the careers of actors including Catherine Tyldesley, Katie McGlynn, Jamie Lomas & Michelle Keegan. Being experienced in managing events where peoples names are “up in lights” Laura Graham ensured the Impossible venue was branded with Nik Maguire’s name and the book title for all of Manchester to see in style.

Nik Maguire is a digital marketing veteran having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He founded his agency Social Proof Media to create the first sales-results-focused digital agency, which creates both content and sales funnel strategies for businesses in both the UK and USA. Who want to scale their sales through social media and digital marketing. In 2019 he authored Beyond PPC as a way of educating the marketplace to the potential of social media selling through sales funnels and content marketing.

The invited guests were welcomed to a specially crafted cocktail called ‘Beyond Rum’ containing Pineapple Granade Rum from Rock Star Spirits Ltd which was a creamy explosion of taste and flavor, setting the mood for a great evening of networking and celebration.

Nik Maguire addressing the selected VIP audience at the BEYOND PPC book launch.

Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media and author of Beyond PPC took time to speak with each guest individually where he discussed various elements of this groundbreaking book.

Beyond PPC is written to explain how to generate new leads and customers from social media and digital marketing. It explains in simple terms how to: split test; create a sales funnels; market on Linkedin and Facebook; as well as approach social media and marketing with a customer-centric sales framework.

Many of the guests were also existing customers of Social Proof Media including CEO of Tokyo Industries Aaron Mellor who said:

“Huge congratulations to Nik Maguire with his book launch. Nik has worked with Tokyo Industries for years advising us on our digital strategy for social media, he was instrumental in the launch of Impossible in Manchester and has proven he has a deep understanding of Facebook Advertising especially for selling out events and concerts”.

Aaron Mellor, CEO Tokyo Industries & Nik Maguire author Beyond PCC at Impossible Manchester.

The event was not without the usual flamboyant flair and showmanship which Manchester has come to expect with Nik Maguire, who has for many years been a key influencer in the city. Creating the cities first Video Magazine called Mad About Manchester and being awarded ‘Manchester Business Personality of the Year’ in 2015 by downtown in business. At one point in the evening, all the finalists of Miss Manchester 2019 showed their support, joined Nik Maguire in his celebrations on the steps of Impossible.

Nik Maguire with Aaron Mellor celebrating the book launch with Miss Manchester Finalists 2019

Following fabulous canapes from the Impossible kitchen, Nik Maguire addresses the VIP guests discussing his journey and how he came to publish ‘Beyond PPC’

Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media addresses the invited guests at his book launch.

“Not only did I want to share my experiences of the last decade in helping businesses sell online, but I also wanted to implement a Social Proof Strategy for myself. Further building my online visibility not just through podcasts and video content but by writing and publishing a book of my own. It was when holidaying at a friends wedding on a yacht in Turkey that my drean to author a book become a reality as I found myself on the same vessel as ‘The Self Published Millionaire’, Joseph Alexander.”

Joseph Alexander is the co-founder of and publisher of over 120 original book titles. It was the chance encounter on that yacht in Turkey that brought the two together. Nik Maguire was able to advise Joseph on the launch of his new book “The Self Published Millionaire” from a digital marketing perspective and Joseph and his co-founder of, Tim Pettingale provided the books ghostwriting as well as a full array of book marketing and Amazon publishing advice, which helped propel Beyond PPC to No1 Bestselling book in 3 countries on Amazon for Social Media Marketing, E-commerce and Web Marketing within the first month of its launch.

Beyond PPC became a No1 Best Seller on Amazon in 3 countries including UK, Australia, and Germany 

Joseph Alexander addressed the audience and said:

Joseph Alexander addresses the gathered attendees.

“We believe everybody has a book in them and with Nik’s reputation as a Manchester influencer and socialite, I assumed he would want to write a novel on the secret side to Manchester nightlife and hospitality. What I did not expect to find was a marketing genius and intellectual heavyweight who wanted to write a simple and accessible book to help people find new ways to grow their businesses online and with social media. A book which he himself would be using as a lead magnet and business calling card for Social Proof Media”

Joseph Alexander author of ‘The self-published millionaire’ with the author of Beyond PPC Nik Maguire

“We have published over 120 books and ghostwritten autobiographies, music books and political biographies but helping Nik to publish Beyond PPC was one of the most rewarding ventures we have undertaken. Seeing his book reach number one in the charts gave both Tim and I huge satisfaction.”

Author Nik Maguire pictured with Joseph Alexander CEO of Fundamental Changes and Self

Nik Maguire then went on to thank everybody who had attended which also included: Fashion designer and CEO of Bodaskins Nathan Alexander with wife Monika Monika Nawrot; Manchester International Festival ambassadors Howard Sharrock and Judith Wilson; CEO of Americamp, Cat Tomlinson; Wealth Manager Mike Barnes; Fashion Stylish Francesca Alena Lucia Coletta; Social Proof Media’s head of media Essy Van Der Vlies; CEO of Char Lounge Leeds, Mand Kaur, daughter Harriet Maguire with boyfriend Ingram Kusaloka; Latifah Lolade Stewart founder at Indigo Moon; Andy Conway founder at Incarnate clothing; Laura Graham CEO Vital Publicity, Amanda Linekar personal trainer and many more selected guests.

Publicist to the stars, Laura Graham. Author, Nik Maguire. Head of Media at Social Proof Media, Essy Van Der Vlies.
Nik Maguire chats with guests enjoying the specially designed cocktail from RockStar Spirits
Mand Kaur and Amanda Linekar at the Beyond PPC book launch.
Judith Wilson and Howard Sharrock share a joke at the Beyond PPC book launch
Joseph Alexander with Monkia Nowrot
Nik Maguire celebrating at Impossible with canapes and cocktails
Nik Maguire author of Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking Digital Marketing Strategies For Lead Generation When Pay Per Click Fails.
Nik Maguire mingles with guests at VIP book launch

Nik Maguire then formally began the book signings writing individual messages to each of the selected guests who had attended. Once the event had concluded the guests moved on to a dinner at The Ivy in Manchester followed by late-night celebrations at a private residance in the city.

Nik Maguire signs a copy of Beyond PPC for Amanda Linekar
BodaSkins CEO Nathan Alexander has his copy of Beyond PPC signed by author Nik Maguire
Latifah Lolade Stewart founder at Indigo Moon has her personal copy presented by Nik Maguire
DJ Neil Rambo with author Nik Maguire
Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media with Essy Van Der Vlies of Social Proof Media
Nik Maguire with his proud youngest daughter Harriet Maguire
Nik Maguire signing a copy of Beyond PPC for Michael Barnes of St James’s Place 
Professional fashion stylist Francesca Alena Lucia Coletta brings her unique energy to the celebration.
Essy Van Der Vlies and Publicist Laura Graham both enjoying the social media opportunity
Nik Maguire & Aaron Mellor CEO of Tokoyo Industries
Harriet Maguire and Ingram Kusaloka enjoy Beyond PPC
Cat Tomlinson CEO Americamp with Nik Maguire and Mike Barnes ready for the first complimentary cocktails.
Best Selling Author Nik Maguire with guests who all received signed copies of Beyond PPC

Beyond PPC can be purchased from Amazon UK here or here. For any businesses wishing to grow their sales or increase lead generation through digital marketing and lead generation, you can contact Social Proof Media here.

Social Proof Media Podcast (e3): The Self Published Millionaire

The Self Published Millionaire

In this episode host Nik Maguire (author of the bestselling book ‘Beyond PPC)’ interviews Joseph Alexander The Self Published Millionaire who in just a few years came to dominate his niche on Amazon.

Joseph discusses the strategies and techniques to win on Amazon as well as how to author and publish your own best selling book on Amazon, from and

This episode is packed with practical insights and techniques on how to take your idea for a book and turn it into a business card, a lead magnet and a passive income that could turn you into a self-published millionaire.

Discussion points:

  • Amazon Selling
  • Self Publishing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Instagram buy now
  • Video product ads
  • New Amazon selling solutions

Nik Maguire founded social proof media a leading digital agency focused entirely on growing businesses and leads through digital marketing and sales funnels! You can download a FREE chapter of Beyond PPC here

Subscribe to the Podcast here

Beyond PPC becomes Amazon No1 bestseller in 3 countries in 4 days!

Book Launch of beyond PPC on Amazon

On March 21st, 2019 Beyond PPC – Groundbreaking Strategies for digital marketing lead generation when PPC fails. by Author Nik Maguire was launched on Amazon and instantly became an international Amazon No1 bestseller.

The book is designed an everyman’s guide to generating new business and leads online when paid advertising through PPC or (boost on Facebook) fails to deliver the results you need.  The book in just 79 pages covers topics such as:

Beyond PPC – Ground-breaking strategies for digital marketing lead generation when pay per click fails

  • Discover how to create new lead sources (even if you have never done PPC)
  • Understand how to improve advert results
  • Discover LinkedIn for B2B lead generation
  • Understand features in Facebook beyond the Boost button
  • Learn how to make your content go further

What to do when your PPC leads dry up?

Are you struggling to convert clicks from PPC?

  • Is the price of Pay Per Click advertising too high?
  • Do your keywords have too much competition?
  • Do you want to find more customers with less competition and get more conversions?

BEYOND PPC will teach you exactly that! If you have never ventured outside of SEO and google Ads then this book will provide a foundation for alternative lead generate strategies.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Frameworks to the methodology of sales funnels, social media marketing, split testing and content marketing for lead generation
  • A proven practice approach for getting more from your ads
  • Understanding of how tailor your messaging based on your audiences mindset.
  • Some alternative ways of getting leads your competition might have missed.

Bonus One: Downloads to help you maximise your ad revenues and measure success.

Bonus Two: Copy and Paste templates that have yielded results for lead generation!

Bonus Three: Get the audio book for free from our dedicated website

International bestseller Beyond PPC by Nik Maguire

The book provided in both Kindle and Paperback versions instantly started to rise in the Amazon charts, peaking at No 3 in the UK in day 1 and over the next few days, the book (in both versions) became No1 bestseller in many categories including Social Media, Business e-commerce and Web Marketing.


Not only were sales (and FREE downloads) beyond expectation the Book also received 5 star reviews from people leaving their feedback, reviews included:

In four days the book has made the top 10 charts in various categories in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Italy, India, Netherlands & Australia.
New “international bestselling author” Nik Maguire 😏: said
“I wrote beyond PPC after working with many companies who have been able to grow their business through social media and I wanted to share the best stratagies.  The success of the book is largely down to the huge demand for businesses to try and undersatand how their social media can be more than just organic posts and how it can become their greatest sales asset.   I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback and volumes of sales we have seen so far.”
The book was published by UK firm who have published and ghostwritten hundreds of best selling titles from music to biographies.  Co-Founder and best selling author Joseph Alexander said: “Nik Maguire has redefined how we do digital marketing.”
You can download a FREE chapter of Beyond PPC HERE

2019 – The year for social media selling!

2019 – The year for social media selling!

Happy New Year! and what an amazing year this is promising to be for those of you who are wanting to grow your business and sales online with social media.

Leaving behind all the data scandals of 2018, Facebook is set for an explosive year of online growth.  Instagram (owned by Facebook) now accounts for 20% of all of Facebook’s advertising revenue and it contributed 50% of the overall ad revenue growth last year.

There are over 1bn active users on Instagram each month now (Facebook has 2.3bn) and the momentum is not slowing down at all.

With the new organic shop function available for e-commerce pages, IGTV and Instagram story sales funnels – it certainly looks like Instagram will be critical for your strategy in 2019.

Which is why we have invested in extra resources and skills, to make sure our customers Instagram accounts will become valuable sales channels for them in 2019

I have been busy working on my first book: Beyond PPC – groundbreaking strategies for digital marketing lead generation when pay per click fails.  It will be launched later this month on Amazon.

I am giving you a FREE chapter today before launch, focusing on ‘Split Testing’ and how to improve your Ads. You can download it by clicking on the button above. (audio version available also)…

…Talking of audio, have also launched a brand new podcast this month called Social Proof Media – Social Media Selling for Entrepreneurs.

Every two weeks the podcast will be available for download. It will share the latest techniques in social media selling as well as having interviews with entrepreneurs and marketeers who have grown successful business through digital marketing.

Listen to the first episode now and make sure you subscribe to get each episode delivered to your phone!

All in all, we expect 2019 to be an amazing year for business growth through social media selling.  So if you need any help in managing your social media, getting more sales and enquiries or you need a full marketing strategy for 2019 we are here to help.

Social Proof Media is a SALES focused marketing agency, we want you to retain us because you experience great results!  So get your 2019 off with a bang and get in touch today and let us help you grow in 2019!

5 benefits to outsourcing social media management

outsourcing social media management

Is your Social Media in need of a professional makeover? Are recent posts not attracting and engaging your audience? Do you hang your head in shame when somebody mentions they have been on your Facebook or Instagram page? Here are 5 benefits on how your business would blossom by having your Social Media professionally managed.

Keep your Social Media looking relevant, modern and inviting.

A trusted friend gave me some advice years ago to start seeing Social Media as a beautiful garden or an eye-catching shop front. Is your Social Media looking tidy with no unsightly weeds?

Is it full of harmonious colours and patterns making it look fresh and welcoming? Is there show-stopping and consistent content so people are instantly drawn in and would like to find out more?

Having an expert managing your social media is like hiring a gardener to take care of your lawns and bedding, suddenly you start to realize that your profile can blossom and look beautiful with some tender loving care from a dedicated specialist.

To achieve and maintain that up to date look is both time consuming and skillful which is often a struggle for business owners to achieve.

Save precious time by outsourcing social media management

According to the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 64 percent of marketing teams report spending six or more hours each week on Social Media. Running your own business is a full-time job in most cases, leaving you not with very little spare time. Let alone giving you the headspace to post relevant content and engage enthusiastically with your audience to grow your own online community steadily.

Hiring an expert to manage the day to day activity will save your time and remove the constant reminder guilt that you should be doing more with your social media. Removing a recurring job from your to-do-list is always a great step forward for an entrepreneur and business owner.

Experts know how to use Social Media strategies

Your profiles and platforms need to be up to date to attract visitors and new customers. it’s essential to post frequently using relevant engaging content but you have to do this in a way that the platforms will give you a helping hand. Being up to date on social media will ensure the latest search, discovery and promotional benefits of the networks themselves are being used to their full potential. Knowing this can help accelerate your brand and reach online rather than disappearing into oblivion simply because you don’t know how to optimize your posts for the networks you are on.

Experts are up to date with all these latest techniques and are constantly discovering new ways to accelerate online growth helping your business flourish.

Keep your Social Media Management ‘social’

Let’s be honest we are all a little tired of being overwhelmed with unsocial pushy sales content clogging up our newsfeed. Just pushing out sales messages and your own business information will not work, people do not go onto social media to be sold too. You must engage with your audience and foster conversation and discussion.

A business or brand that has built emotional connections with its followers and who are aligned with their customer’s values and aspirations will succeed online.

Having your Social Media managed by experts will help you to keep your Social Media what it exactly should be… ‘social’. Outsourcing your Social Media management will help you to keep up to date with your follower’s comments, deal with complaints professionally and all other inquiries in a fast and personal manner. 

Growing your business effectively online

 Television, radio, trade press and magazines used to be great places to advertise your business, they are all dying! Read this extract from the bottom of every post currently on the Guardian Newspaper website:


The revenues from our newspaper had diminished and the technologies that connected us with a global audience had moved advertising money away from news organisations.


There is an incredible opportunity to make the most out of social media whilst most businesses are still trying to market themselves as If it was still 2003 when Facebook didn’t exist!

However, the opportunity to grow at such a low cost and attract many new customers will not always be this easy, as advertising money moves to social media so the competition and costs will increase.  Playing with social media now and not dedicating resource to it will be a huge regret to many businesses in the coming years.

A dedicated and experienced team can help you get the most out of growing your business online. They are skilled in using social media networks and have established methods and systems for online success. Giving your business the investment in skills and time it needs to flourish online and freeing you to run your business

If you resonate with these challenges and want to explore outsourcing your social media management then get in touch with Social Proof Media by clicking or contact

Is the Apple iPad Pro the perfect Social Media management tool?

mum with ipad for work

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Having played around with my new toy for a week or so, the latest 2018 version of the Apple iPad Pro, I already can’t begin to imagine doing social media management without it and so I decided to share a review with you all.

How the iPad Pro has enriched my life

The iPad Pro has been around for three years now. However I managed to keep myself going on the old, abandoned and super slowwwwww (get my point!) computer of my children (feel free to imagine an utterly frustrated me having endless arguments cursing in Dutch battling with this ancient machine trying to keep on top of my workload!) together with a Samsung Android mobile, both for my work and pleasure.

I was either hunched over my small mobile device for hours on end, not exactly good for your posture as a mature model and not at all kind on your eyesight.

Or I was stuck at home in front of the pc trying to get jobs finished at an annoyingly snail pace tempo. It’s obvious to state I feel like I am flying high right now and the iPad Pro couldn’t have come into my life at a better time as my work load is picking up rapidly and steadily with already so many happy clients jumping on board with what we have to offer here at Social Proof Media.

The super lightweight 12.9 inch iPad Pro fits perfectly in my handbag with a Smart Keyboard Folio protecting the front and back of the iPad Pro perfectly. If you are like me able to break things on a daily basis trying your hardest NOT too, the Smart Keyboard Folio, which attaches magnetically to the back of the IPad with no switches or plugs you could trip over or get tangled up in, is a total lifesaver for all the clumsy ones amongst us.

Apple has been promoting the iPad Pro as a computer that can replace your laptop alongside being able to run mobile phone apps effectively for example Instagram. Like anything else there are always heaps of pro’s and cons but this device is just perfect for me working for Social Proof Media offering Social Media management packages to help your business flourish online too.

The Social Proof Media team also includes a specialist video production team, SEO, publishing, sales funnels and paid advertising.

Whether you need a helping hand with your website, written content, managing your Social Media or need more leads and sales for your business, the Social Proof Media team have the perfect proposition to help your business get ahead of your competition.

Social Media Managment and productivity in one IPad

Typing away on my iPad Pro this sleek looking easy-to-hold design, with super fast performance and an incredibly sharp 12 megapixel camera, has already proven to be a total Godsend for producing personal Social Media content for Essyentials and Mad about Manchester, as well as for all the other companies I am currently managing accounts for. What I found particularly useful is the split screen option.

This allows me to keep writing and producing engaging content whilst researching, playing an inspiration YouTube video to keep me going or blast out the latest Calvin Harris tune at the same time as editing beautiful images or chatting to potential new customers whilst making sure the accounts for existing customers are being updated.

The iPad Pro has enabled me to manage many different companies accounts more productively and more efficiently and I couldn’t be more excited right now. Being able to download the appropriate phone apps I am now able to produce scheduled Instagram and Facebook posts, create little engaging videos posts and show during a meeting with potential customers our exciting sales package options.

The generous four speakers on the iPad Pro really don’t remember me of previous any iPads or mobile phone speakers. The clear and crisp sound on this device is seriously fantastic. If your 12 year old start asking you the turn the volume down as he can’t t hear himself think it must be pretty good hey (or could it just my bad taste in music?)!

The iPad Pro on the go

The new Apple Pencil is definitely on my Christmas list. A total hero at not being able to find one single Bic pen after only recently purchasing a pack of 20 or ironically picking up a pen that just ran out of ink when desperately in need of one, the IPad Pro pencil magnetically attaches itself to the side of the iPad. This will keep the battery of the pencil wirelessly charged as well as always having a pen within easy reach.

With Apple’s promise of a battery life up to 10 hours this device is perfect to bring along to meetings or network events. Especially with the Smart Keyboard Folio making it so comfortable to use on a desk or even on your my lap and the Apple Pencil just perfect to jot notes down during conference calls.

If like me when you are on the phone have the urge to sketch some random looking stick figures down the Apple Pencil will bring you so much pleasure! Or if you like to take some high-quality photographs whilst on your travels as mentioned before the camera and editing options are truly mind-blowing.

I guess it’s pretty clear I am already a huge fan of the IPad Pro and if like me you will be using it a lot, making your Social Media profile stand out from the crowd I believe the efficiently and the possibilities thanks to this clever device will not let you down either.

If you are struggling to find time to keep your Social Media looking on point I welcome you to get in touch and find out how me and my trusted IPad Pro can help you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

New branch for Manchester Paid Social Media outsourcing

paid social manchester

Social Media Outsourcing in Manchester

The newest member of our team Essy Van Der Vlies talks about why she is in the perfect position to manage our social media outsourcing team and her passion for seeing social media grow.

My Social Media Journey

If I would get a pound for the question:”Essy, how come you have such a loyal following and you get so many likes, comments and shares”, I would buy myself a ticket to the sunshine right now and top up my tan! The truthful answer is genuine engagement with appealing and consistent content. However, if you are running a business the last thing you have time for is spending hours online organically growing and connecting with potential customers.

With Social Media becoming a very crowded place it’s getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd and find your audience in your niche. However, Social Media outsourcing remains one of the most effective ways to grow your business and brand online. Keeping ahead of all the constant changes is very time consuming for any business or entrepreneur to stay on top of the game. These days Facebook can push out up to three to four updates daily. Anyone that manages a Facebook page will have experienced that for example, the recent algorithm change can affect how many followers will get to see your posts and therefore can affect your business negatively. Trying to keep up to date with these changes is almost a full-time job. Creating consistent and strong content in an engaging way that will draw new customers to your page definitely requires dedication, enthusiasm and the knowledge of how to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Starting out as a total Social Media virgin three years ago promoting my model images gaining lots more booked shoots rapidly and my passion to inspire and empower women I quickly found out how to keep my audience wanting more and growing organically. I also learned quickly what not to do, the importance of educating yourself with the latest changes to keep on top of the game.

Paid Social and Social Media Outsourcing

Fast forward to today I am now managing accounts for a number of businesses, helping them achieve their goals online. Realising that the skills I have learned over the last few years are helping many different businesses is very rewarding. Therefore me and the team have now have decided to extend this service to business of all sizes across the UK.

I am writing this article first to show my gratitude for all those that have followed and supported me over the last three years, especially the people that have educated me on writing interesting blogs, publishing, editing and keep on growing steadily online. However what I am even more excited about is sharing my knowledge, my enthusiasm, and social media skills how to help other businesses grow to their full potential. Together with the Social Proof Media team, which includes specialist in video production, SEO, publishing, sales funnels and paid advertising I believe we have the perfect proposition to help your business flourish too. Whether you need a helping hand with your website, written content, managing your social media or need more leads and sales for your business I believe we have the perfect offering.

I am now working with a luxury watch company, a physiotherapy practice in Berkshire, a software company, a care home and multiple hospitality venues and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come next. One of the benefits working with the team and a wide range of different businesses most definitely is picking up additional knowledge in area’s I never would have imagined and putting these into practice and seeing impressive results.

Good Social Media Practice

I think it’s crucial to keep social media outsourcing ‘social’ because let’s be honest we all get a tad irritated if we get bombarded with offers or posts we don’t want to see to our timelines. However, knowing how to reach the right audience whether it be for customer acquisition or engaging with existing customers for repeat business has become my passion. We can help to focus your proposition: to the most suitable social media network from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest; Optimise your social media profiles; post evergreen content; use targeted content for the appropriate user profile; posting at the most impactful time and responding to your follower’s comments and enquiries.

If you feel after reading this your business could benefit from our expertise, I would welcome hearing from you. We are here to listen and find out where we could help you and your business. Whether it’s making your website more appealing to your customers; building sale funnels; creating more leads or running your social media lets have an informal chat. I believe if you start to prioritise social media outsourcing with the same importance as your sales force or your PR then your business can start to thrive online like so many of our clients.

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Essy van der Vlies

Facebook Ads bring transparency to politics, so we all benefit

Facebook Ads bring more transparency

Today in the UK, Facebook roll out Facebook Ads services to make all political adverts more transparent in an attempt to avoid political interference by third parties such as the Russian and Cambridge Analytica involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Far from banning political adverts on what was originally a campus networking tool designed to be “social.” Facebook is still allowing political adverts to run providing Facebook with valuable advert revenues.

Political Ads. will now have the ability for the viewer to “Learn More” about the publisher.

Facebook Quote

“We see this as an important part of ensuring electoral integrity and helping people understand who they are engaging with,” said Richard Allan and Rob Leathern, EMEA Policy executives at Facebook.

“We recognise that this is going to be a significant change for people who use our service to publish this type of ad. While the vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organisations, we know that there are bad actors that try to misuse our platform. By having people verify who they are, we believe it will help prevent abuse.”

The publisher will have had to upload ID to Facebook and have their address identified by post, not really stopping nefarious types from registering as a political party or organisation.

All of their adverts will be held in a public library for seven years.  Cynically, this transparency does provide Facebook with “get out of jail” cards as they can be seen as the independent platform provider rather than the mechanism to promote fake news.

A Brighter future using Facebook Ads

However, the real point to the story from a digital marketing perspective is that Facebook is bringing transparency to the platform because the power of the platform is so powerful it can potentially influence entire elections.

The good news for advertisers is that with increased transparency on political adverts and those who post them, that legitimate advertisers on Facebook are no longer tarred with the same brush as those subverting others.

This is further paving the way to more effective and trusted content on the platform.  If you want to know why your Facebook Ads may not be performing read this article on why your boost fails.

Why your BOOST is not working!

What could be easier, you write an eye-catching post on Facebook about your amazing  best selling product.  You hit the BOOST button to get it in front of huge numbers of Facebook users, for just a few quid and…… and….. and nothing happens!  Your promotion ends, you can see lots of clicks and engagement on your post but you didn’t make any sales… why?

Because you are missing the fundamental tenant of selling to cold audiences online… the fact that 3% of people are ready to buy but 97% are not, and even if they were, they are not ready to buy from you!

You have to nurture trust and knowledge in your product, your business and even possibly yourself, before somebody will make the decision to buy from you online from a Facebook Ad.

It normally takes between 6-9 “touches” with a customer before they are in the “ready to buy” zone and it is your responsibility to get the customer there.  Using a Facebook Boost is often just talking to 100% of the audience as if they were the 3% and hoping to convert a sale!!!  You may get lucky with some sales but just look at the math, if your audience is 100,000 you are going to be spending advertising pounds on reaching 97,000 people who would never buy from you at this stage and you can’t even identify the 3,000 individuals that may be ready to buy yet!  So you are paying to advertise to people who will never buy from you, hence the large cost with no results – even if your cold audience targeting contains your perfect demographic with interests in the sector you are in, you will still NOT be making sales!

Learning to communicate to the wider audience in a way which can lead them on a journey of understanding and positive exposure to your brand and offering is the key to starting an online sales funnel.  With this approach you will be able to generate more for your advertising budget and move prospects through the 6-9 touch points in a systematic and measurable way, leading to measurable and predictable sales conversions for the budget allocated.

Making sales online is not hard, it just takes experience and time.  It is similar to learning cricket, you can not expect to walk to the crease and hit a six the first time you bat.  You need to learn the game, develop a strategy and make sure each ball you hit contributes to the winning score.   This is also the secret of selling online, don’t assume one great advert on social media will transform your business, you need to develop sales funnels and conversion techniques over a period of time.

At Social Proof Media we provide the consultancy and services to build your sales funnels, saving you from waisting advertising money on Boosts and driving your online sales growth with an expert strategy.