Beyond PPC becomes Amazon No1 bestseller in 3 countries in 4 days!

Book Launch of beyond PPC on Amazon

On March 21st, 2019 Beyond PPC – Groundbreaking Strategies for digital marketing lead generation when PPC fails. by Author Nik Maguire was launched on Amazon and instantly became an international Amazon No1 bestseller.

The book is designed an everyman’s guide to generating new business and leads online when paid advertising through PPC or (boost on Facebook) fails to deliver the results you need.  The book in just 79 pages covers topics such as:

Beyond PPC – Ground-breaking strategies for digital marketing lead generation when pay per click fails

  • Discover how to create new lead sources (even if you have never done PPC)
  • Understand how to improve advert results
  • Discover LinkedIn for B2B lead generation
  • Understand features in Facebook beyond the Boost button
  • Learn how to make your content go further

What to do when your PPC leads dry up?

Are you struggling to convert clicks from PPC?

  • Is the price of Pay Per Click advertising too high?
  • Do your keywords have too much competition?
  • Do you want to find more customers with less competition and get more conversions?

BEYOND PPC will teach you exactly that! If you have never ventured outside of SEO and google Ads then this book will provide a foundation for alternative lead generate strategies.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Frameworks to the methodology of sales funnels, social media marketing, split testing and content marketing for lead generation
  • A proven practice approach for getting more from your ads
  • Understanding of how tailor your messaging based on your audiences mindset.
  • Some alternative ways of getting leads your competition might have missed.

Bonus One: Downloads to help you maximise your ad revenues and measure success.

Bonus Two: Copy and Paste templates that have yielded results for lead generation!

Bonus Three: Get the audio book for free from our dedicated website

International bestseller Beyond PPC by Nik Maguire

The book provided in both Kindle and Paperback versions instantly started to rise in the Amazon charts, peaking at No 3 in the UK in day 1 and over the next few days, the book (in both versions) became No1 bestseller in many categories including Social Media, Business e-commerce and Web Marketing.


Not only were sales (and FREE downloads) beyond expectation the Book also received 5 star reviews from people leaving their feedback, reviews included:

In four days the book has made the top 10 charts in various categories in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Italy, India, Netherlands & Australia.
New “international bestselling author” Nik Maguire 😏: said
“I wrote beyond PPC after working with many companies who have been able to grow their business through social media and I wanted to share the best stratagies.  The success of the book is largely down to the huge demand for businesses to try and undersatand how their social media can be more than just organic posts and how it can become their greatest sales asset.   I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback and volumes of sales we have seen so far.”
The book was published by UK firm who have published and ghostwritten hundreds of best selling titles from music to biographies.  Co-Founder and best selling author Joseph Alexander said: “Nik Maguire has redefined how we do digital marketing.”
You can download a FREE chapter of Beyond PPC HERE

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