Author Nik Maguire launches new book ‘Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking digital marketing strategies for lead generation when pay per click fails’ at a VIP launch party in Manchester UK.

Author Nik Maguire launches new book ‘Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking digital marketing strategies for lead generation when pay per click fails’ at a VIP launch party in Manchester UK.

The multimillion-pound super-venue in the heart of Manchester was the setting for the launch of digital marketing veteran Nik Maguire’s book launch.

Nik Maguire Author Beyond PPC & CEO Social Proof Media at his VIP Book Launch

Surrounded by a hand-selected VIP guest list, ranging from CEO’s and business leaders in Leisure & Hospitality, Publishing and PR to prominant individuals in fashion, finance, arts, and business.

The event was organised by celebrity publicist Laura Graham of vital management who has been responsible for managing the careers of actors including Catherine Tyldesley, Katie McGlynn, Jamie Lomas & Michelle Keegan. Being experienced in managing events where peoples names are “up in lights” Laura Graham ensured the Impossible venue was branded with Nik Maguire’s name and the book title for all of Manchester to see in style.

Nik Maguire is a digital marketing veteran having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He founded his agency Social Proof Media to create the first sales-results-focused digital agency, which creates both content and sales funnel strategies for businesses in both the UK and USA. Who want to scale their sales through social media and digital marketing. In 2019 he authored Beyond PPC as a way of educating the marketplace to the potential of social media selling through sales funnels and content marketing.

The invited guests were welcomed to a specially crafted cocktail called ‘Beyond Rum’ containing Pineapple Granade Rum from Rock Star Spirits Ltd which was a creamy explosion of taste and flavor, setting the mood for a great evening of networking and celebration.

Nik Maguire addressing the selected VIP audience at the BEYOND PPC book launch.

Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media and author of Beyond PPC took time to speak with each guest individually where he discussed various elements of this groundbreaking book.

Beyond PPC is written to explain how to generate new leads and customers from social media and digital marketing. It explains in simple terms how to: split test; create a sales funnels; market on Linkedin and Facebook; as well as approach social media and marketing with a customer-centric sales framework.

Many of the guests were also existing customers of Social Proof Media including CEO of Tokyo Industries Aaron Mellor who said:

“Huge congratulations to Nik Maguire with his book launch. Nik has worked with Tokyo Industries for years advising us on our digital strategy for social media, he was instrumental in the launch of Impossible in Manchester and has proven he has a deep understanding of Facebook Advertising especially for selling out events and concerts”.

Aaron Mellor, CEO Tokyo Industries & Nik Maguire author Beyond PCC at Impossible Manchester.

The event was not without the usual flamboyant flair and showmanship which Manchester has come to expect with Nik Maguire, who has for many years been a key influencer in the city. Creating the cities first Video Magazine called Mad About Manchester and being awarded ‘Manchester Business Personality of the Year’ in 2015 by downtown in business. At one point in the evening, all the finalists of Miss Manchester 2019 showed their support, joined Nik Maguire in his celebrations on the steps of Impossible.

Nik Maguire with Aaron Mellor celebrating the book launch with Miss Manchester Finalists 2019

Following fabulous canapes from the Impossible kitchen, Nik Maguire addresses the VIP guests discussing his journey and how he came to publish ‘Beyond PPC’

Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media addresses the invited guests at his book launch.

“Not only did I want to share my experiences of the last decade in helping businesses sell online, but I also wanted to implement a Social Proof Strategy for myself. Further building my online visibility not just through podcasts and video content but by writing and publishing a book of my own. It was when holidaying at a friends wedding on a yacht in Turkey that my drean to author a book become a reality as I found myself on the same vessel as ‘The Self Published Millionaire’, Joseph Alexander.”

Joseph Alexander is the co-founder of and publisher of over 120 original book titles. It was the chance encounter on that yacht in Turkey that brought the two together. Nik Maguire was able to advise Joseph on the launch of his new book “The Self Published Millionaire” from a digital marketing perspective and Joseph and his co-founder of, Tim Pettingale provided the books ghostwriting as well as a full array of book marketing and Amazon publishing advice, which helped propel Beyond PPC to No1 Bestselling book in 3 countries on Amazon for Social Media Marketing, E-commerce and Web Marketing within the first month of its launch.

Beyond PPC became a No1 Best Seller on Amazon in 3 countries including UK, Australia, and Germany 

Joseph Alexander addressed the audience and said:

Joseph Alexander addresses the gathered attendees.

“We believe everybody has a book in them and with Nik’s reputation as a Manchester influencer and socialite, I assumed he would want to write a novel on the secret side to Manchester nightlife and hospitality. What I did not expect to find was a marketing genius and intellectual heavyweight who wanted to write a simple and accessible book to help people find new ways to grow their businesses online and with social media. A book which he himself would be using as a lead magnet and business calling card for Social Proof Media”

Joseph Alexander author of ‘The self-published millionaire’ with the author of Beyond PPC Nik Maguire

“We have published over 120 books and ghostwritten autobiographies, music books and political biographies but helping Nik to publish Beyond PPC was one of the most rewarding ventures we have undertaken. Seeing his book reach number one in the charts gave both Tim and I huge satisfaction.”

Author Nik Maguire pictured with Joseph Alexander CEO of Fundamental Changes and Self

Nik Maguire then went on to thank everybody who had attended which also included: Fashion designer and CEO of Bodaskins Nathan Alexander with wife Monika Monika Nawrot; Manchester International Festival ambassadors Howard Sharrock and Judith Wilson; CEO of Americamp, Cat Tomlinson; Wealth Manager Mike Barnes; Fashion Stylish Francesca Alena Lucia Coletta; Social Proof Media’s head of media Essy Van Der Vlies; CEO of Char Lounge Leeds, Mand Kaur, daughter Harriet Maguire with boyfriend Ingram Kusaloka; Latifah Lolade Stewart founder at Indigo Moon; Andy Conway founder at Incarnate clothing; Laura Graham CEO Vital Publicity, Amanda Linekar personal trainer and many more selected guests.

Publicist to the stars, Laura Graham. Author, Nik Maguire. Head of Media at Social Proof Media, Essy Van Der Vlies.
Nik Maguire chats with guests enjoying the specially designed cocktail from RockStar Spirits
Mand Kaur and Amanda Linekar at the Beyond PPC book launch.
Judith Wilson and Howard Sharrock share a joke at the Beyond PPC book launch
Joseph Alexander with Monkia Nowrot
Nik Maguire celebrating at Impossible with canapes and cocktails
Nik Maguire author of Beyond PPC — Groundbreaking Digital Marketing Strategies For Lead Generation When Pay Per Click Fails.
Nik Maguire mingles with guests at VIP book launch

Nik Maguire then formally began the book signings writing individual messages to each of the selected guests who had attended. Once the event had concluded the guests moved on to a dinner at The Ivy in Manchester followed by late-night celebrations at a private residance in the city.

Nik Maguire signs a copy of Beyond PPC for Amanda Linekar
BodaSkins CEO Nathan Alexander has his copy of Beyond PPC signed by author Nik Maguire
Latifah Lolade Stewart founder at Indigo Moon has her personal copy presented by Nik Maguire
DJ Neil Rambo with author Nik Maguire
Nik Maguire CEO of Social Proof Media with Essy Van Der Vlies of Social Proof Media
Nik Maguire with his proud youngest daughter Harriet Maguire
Nik Maguire signing a copy of Beyond PPC for Michael Barnes of St James’s Place 
Professional fashion stylist Francesca Alena Lucia Coletta brings her unique energy to the celebration.
Essy Van Der Vlies and Publicist Laura Graham both enjoying the social media opportunity
Nik Maguire & Aaron Mellor CEO of Tokoyo Industries
Harriet Maguire and Ingram Kusaloka enjoy Beyond PPC
Cat Tomlinson CEO Americamp with Nik Maguire and Mike Barnes ready for the first complimentary cocktails.
Best Selling Author Nik Maguire with guests who all received signed copies of Beyond PPC

Beyond PPC can be purchased from Amazon UK here or here. For any businesses wishing to grow their sales or increase lead generation through digital marketing and lead generation, you can contact Social Proof Media here.

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