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Social Proof Media Story

Social Proof Media was founded out of frustration!

Nik Maguire has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing and technology sales his whole career.  Working at Cisco Systems throughout the dot-com-boom, Nik was trained in the art of sales and using digital platforms to increase efficiency and profitability.  After nearly a decade working there, he applied this knowledge into a number of tech startups where digital marketing and technology worked together.  After successfully disposing of these companies, Nik went on to work with some of the UK's largest brands through the agency world.

Working in Media City in Manchester and immersing himself for a further decade in Manchester's marketing and creative scene (including launching his own influencer website on the side which grew to 60k local followers), he realised that as powerful as marketing and social media was it was often seen as an expense rather than a vehicle for improving sales in most businesses.  

We exist to grow our client's businesses through digital marketing".

Nik Maguire realised that what business really needed wasn’t organic social media posts or multiple varied agencies providing conflicting services, they just needed digital marketing solutions focused on tangible results – in other words… digital marketing with an RoI.

So Nik founded Social Proof Media as a results-driven digital agency where every activity was focused on generating new leads or sales growth for his clients.

From his experiences, Nik Maguire authored a book about generating leads online called Beyond PPC, and it instantly became a No1 Bestseller in three countries helping Social Proof Medias client list expand also.  The launch coincided with the start of the Social Proof Media Podcast which provides entrepreneurs and marketers with up to date information on social media selling.

Social Proof Media helps small and local business to grow and for larger clients, we provide digital marketing strategies for long term growth.  The in-house team under Niks direction deliver outstanding results for clients.

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