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Social Proof Media

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Lead Generation
Paid Social

Proven lead generation formula.

Converting your digital traffic into sales is our speciality. We manage the full lead funnel providing you with expertise in each area:

  • Paid Social (see the separate tab for more details).
  • Landing page build and optimisation.
  • SEO / PPC.
  • Email marketing.
  • Remarketing
  • Trip wires/lead magnets
  • CRM integration or installation.

10x formula for online growth.

We have developed an 10x formula for paid social, where we take your online budget and work to get you 10 times returns in leads, branding or reach.  Our proven expertise in Facebook and Instagram Ads will give you incredible online success.

  • Proven formula for increasing online success up to 10x.
  • Managment of online budgets with simple reporting.
  • UPSYD targeting method of content placement ensures the audience segment is seeing the right message.
  • Lead funnel management with Facebook pixels and google tracking.
  • Specialist in gaining page likes, video views and website conversions.
  • Split testing process will reduce costs, increase relevancy and enable scaling.

Creative thinking + commercial execution = Great Campaigns

  • Consultancy regarding your brand voice, tone and online presence.
  • Creative thought leadership.
  • How to implement across social media for maximum effect.
  • Digital Storytelling.
  • Making video work for your audience.
  • Visionary ideas based in commercial reality.
  • Get noticed with influencers and PR.

Stories with moving pictures

For years we have been using video as the heart of any content strategy, unlike dedicated video production companies we produce cost-effective content for deployment across social media.

  • Video Production & Editing.
  • Creative copywriting.
  • Regular social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, youtube).
  • Animation.
  • Photography.

Mad About Manchester?

We are!  So much so we own Mad About Manchester a video magazine for the city which since its launch in 2016 has gained over 60,000 followers and is proven to be an influential voice of where to go, what to do and who is who in the City of Manchester.  We also have site access to worldwide social media channels in fashion, hospitality and travel.

  • Reach people in Manchester.
  • Cobranding opportunities.
  • Videos with proven influence.
  • Cross collaboration with other online sites.
  • Speciality targeting for hospitality, fashion and property.
Battles we have already won

Case Studies

Impossible Manchester

£3.5m venue launch using Social Proof Media to develop the brand's voice and tone and produce digital content.

Odeon Cinemas

Regional influencer marketing for Manchester cinema and creation of UK wide internal training videos for Odeon staff.

European Shuffleboard

Europe's leading provider of Shuffleboard wanted to launch their brand and product in UK market on a limited budget.

Hotel & Tourism

Hotel and tourism content creation with specific lead generation for room bookings and F&B sales.

Croatia Life

Video marketing showcasing luxury property and lifestyle that will also be used for property investment.


Generating delegate bookings for boot camps in Europe, US and Asia through social media advertising and lead funnels.

Our approach to getting you ahead

Methods in our Radness

10x Social Media Returns

Your perfect customer’s attention is on their mobile device looking at social media.  Our 10x formula is proven to get ten times more success from paid social media advertising because we understand how to disrupt their attention on your behalf.

Lead Generation

Our work has lead generation at its core, either through online sales, business enquiries or footfall.  We always focus on results which can begin from the moment we go live with a campaign.

Grow slow or build big

Organic growth as a byproduct of low cost effective paid advertising, not the other way around. Our strategy will be about delivering targeted messages to a targeted audience growing your organic following is secondary to this method.

The data game

We specialise in building low-cost lookalike and customer audiences, where we can achieve 10x results for the lowest cost possible.  Email lists and remarketing follow from this method.  The power of a Facebook lookalike audiences is not to be underestimated.

Magic wands and silver bullets

For paid social and lead generation, we work on a minimum three-month commitment after deciding to work with a client.  From that point, we will not only have devlivered results but have a formula for scalable success with proven track record.

No corporate BS

We are here to get you noticed, generate 10x leads and overhaul your approach to digital marketing and PR. In a social media world corporate bollocks slows down success and loses the opportunity.  We talk straight, deliver results and move fast.

Lovely Customer

Don’t Take Our Word for It

“What sets Social Proof Media apart are their creative ideas. Their video stories reached almost 2 million news feeds for the launch of Impossible for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and PR methods.”

“I have worked with many marketing companies and been let down, but Nik and his team have always understood our requirements and delivered.”

Story Telling

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